Cobbled streets lead along the colorful buildings in the center of the city and its main square. Fuming volcano is located in a string around the quiet and cozy Antigua. The city’s colorful colonial buildings offer including a very cozy restaurants.

When to visit Antigua

November to May is the summer period with the least rain and a pleasant temperature in the larger parts of Guatemala. High season is Christmas, New Year and Easter when it is both lots of tourists, and many residents travel to meet family and friends. Antigua is popular for language studies and gets lots of students from June to August.

Getting around Antigua

Antigua has a small, compact core and it’s easy to get around town walking. In addition, many of the streets are small as well as one-way, cars might have to run unnecessary detours to get around.

Business hours

Opening hours in the city vary so you should check if you intended to visit a particular store. (Most often they are open until 19.00.)


Inside the city, you’re quite safe, but as usual you should keep and eye on your belongings and stay out of dark alleys, just as most cities in the world.

In the case you consider visiting the lookout point Cerro de la Cruz, there have been several robberies a few years ago and since then tourists are recommended to go there with the local tourist police. They go there twice a day, once at 10.00 and again 15.00. It is free and stems from a police station in the city center.

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