Smoldering volcanoes are found here and there in the landscape and deep into the jungle to find a the most amazing Mayan ruins, Tikal. The ancient Indian culture mixed with the legacy of colonial times in cities such as Antigua and Chichicastenago.

When to visit Guatemala

The coastal parts of Guatemala are hot throughout the year. The highlands are quite cold during the rainy season, from May to September, and warm during dry season, from October to May. The high season for tourist is from Christmas to Easter. Many hotels are fully booked around Christmas and Easter when the locals travel.

Getting to Guatemala

Most international flights arrive in Guatemala City or Flores. From Mexico you can go to Guatemala by bus or train. From El Salvador you can go by bus directly to Guatemala City.

Airport connection

Guatemala City International Airport, La Aurora, located 4 kilometers south of Guatemala City.
Bus runs between the airport and Guatemala City every 25 minutes. Travel time is approximately 35 minutes.
Taxi between airport and Guatemala City takes about 20 minutes.

Getting around Guatemala

Going by bus is the most common and cheapest way to travel in Guatemala although the roads may be muddy and bumpy throughout the rainy season. Buses operate between the most popular cities in the country. Some national parks are only accessible by boat.
There’s airlines doing domestic flights on certain destinations.


Visitors from most countries do not need a visa to travel to Guatemala nowadays. The length you’re allowed to stay in Guatemala is 30 or 90 days, depending on what country you’re from.


There are civil police officers with a special goal, to look after all tourists’ safety. These policemen work at most of the tourist attractions.

Chichicastenango market, Guatemala

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