Manaus is situated in the heart of Amazon along the huge river. It’s the main hub for any Amazon experience.

When to visit Manaus

The city of Manaus is a fairly rough city. Tourist mainly come here as a stopover on the way into the Amazon jungle. From December through May is the rainy season and you probably experience intense rainfall at some time each day. The river varies from 33 to 46 feet wide from the high tide period in March through July, to the low-water period is between August through February.

Getting around Manaus

The people drives a bit recklessly and renting a car is not recommended for visitors. Public transport is a bit disorganized. It is best to get around by taxi, even if that will be a bit more expensive.

Business hours

Post office at Rua Dias Marcílio and 160 Rua Marechal Deodoro 117 are both open Monday through Friday 09 AM to 5 PM, Saturdays 09 AM to noon.


Because of lots of boats connecting Manaus with Colombia, there’s a lot of drug traffic going through Manaus. There is no established security screening of the boats or at the land border.
Avoid the port on the evenings/night and stay away from poor areas of town, where drugs are quite common and contributes to high crime.

Manaus in the heart of Amazonas, Brazil

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