Cook Islands

In the middle of the South Pacific lies a number of islands in a country which took its name from the great discoverer, Cook. But despite the journey might be long, you should not settle for Rarotonga but make an effort to try some of the others island in the group too. Cook Islands consist of 15 islands scattered in an area of 2 million square miles of the Pacific.

Getting around Cook Islands

In order to travel between the islands is Air Rarotonga quickest and easiest option. On Rarotonga and Aitutaki are buses, taxis and you can rent a car.


Visas are not required for visits under 30 days when you have proof (ticket) for exit within the time and the accommodation booked.

The South Pacific paradise Aitutaki, Cook Islands

Island night dance show Aitutaki Cook islands

Sunset at Aitutaki in the South Pacific, Cook Islands

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