Los Angeles

Hollywood, Santa Monica, Venice Beach, Rodeo Drive and Beverly Hills are just some of the places to get star struck in Los Angeles. And if you don’t catch any stars, take the roof of the cabriolet down and cruise in the town that was build for it. Or maybe just enjoy the sun around the beach or at some nice hotel pool.
This is a town full of entertainment history, a lot of the worlds most famous music, film and TV has been recorded here.

When to visit Los Angeles

You might have heard the lyrics “It never rains in sunny California…” well rain is rare at least. Los Angeles is warm and sunny most time of year. July to October is driest and hottest, however that’s also high season when it comes to tourism in Los Angeles. During this period, prices might get higher and it becomes more expensive to visit.

Getting around Los Angeles

The best way to get around in Los Angeles is by car. It’s essential to hire a car during your stay here, and there’s really no other options if you want to see the city since the city lack any transit systems with good coverage.

You are able to book a rental car once you arrive, but sometimes it might be comfortable to have that sorted out beforehand and being able to simply pick up a car at the airport.


Like many other large cities there is a lot of crime in Los Angeles. Some specific areas should be avoided, especially at night.

Be careful and check with the taxi drivers or hotel staff if you feel unsure about which areas of town that are safe or not.

For police, fire and ambulance: call 911.

Cruising down Sunset Strip, Los Angeles California

Millions of lights of Los Angeles, California

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