Las Vegas

Las Vegas is situated in the middle of a hot and dry desert, but is a haven for those looking for gambling, entertainment or just having fun. Vegas turned 100 years on May 15th 2005, a young city, but with lots to experience and not for gamblers only.

When to visit Las Vegas

November to February is usually the slowest time of year in Las Vegas when it comes to visitors. However, several shows usually premier around this time, which attracts quite a lot of people. Thanksgiving, New Year’s and super bowl are the most crowded times, when lots of people head for Vegas to party and have fun.
From spring to autumn there’s always lot of people visiting the city.

Getting around Las Vegas

It’s easy to get around in Las Vegas, either walking or by car. Taxis are of course also everywhere.
Do you want to get fast to somewhere along “the strip” you can also jump onto the “fast train”.

Las Vegas Strip, Nevada

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