Boston is situated on the northeastern corner of USA. It might be the city of USA with the oldest history, since this is where the first immigrants went ashore and the uprising against England first took place. The brick houses at Beacon Hill adjacent to the large park, Boston Commons, in the center of town offers nice walks in these historic settings.

When to visit Boston

October is considered the best time to visit this area of USA, before the cold weather has arrived and all the leaves on the trees in New England shine in all beautiful shades of red and yellow. However it is a perfect travel destination, other times of year as well. In summer there are lots of nice beaches in the area and at New Year there is a major celebration.

Getting around Boston

It is very easy to walk around in central Boston. If you want to get somewhere a little futher away or just get there faster, there is a metro system with stations spread out throughout the Boston metropolitan area.
Obviously, there’s also plenty of taxis around the city that can drive you anywhere.

Business hours

Business hours differ between various parts of town, but stores are often open till 9 PM on weekdays.

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