Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta on Mexico’s west coast by the Pacific Ocean is a nice place for a holiday. Enjoy the beautiful environments of the old town, secluded beaches outside of town, the tasty real Mexican food and all the friendly people.

When to visit

From October to June the climate is usually sunny and dry with an average daily temperature of 82-86 º Fahrenheit. During the winter months (December through March) the winds sweeping in from the sea can make it slightly cooler.

Summer months are sunny, but in the afternoon rain may occur. However, nothing should prevent you from that trip to Puerto Vallarta during these months neither.

Getting around

It is really easy to get around in Puerto Vallarta. Are your feet too tired for walking, a bus will be somewhere close within a minute or two walking distance. Bus stops are quite frequent around town and it is quite cheap to travel by bus too!

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