Estepona is a city along the southern Costa del Sol that hasn’t surrendered to tourists and still feels genuine. The beach along the city is perfect for days in the sun and the boardwalk is nice for evening strolls.

Getting around Estpona

The town center is pleasant to walk around in. If you have a car you can easily turn around in the narrow one-way streets. Roads are built out, however, although this means that you usually run into street work and rerouted roads.

Rent a car

If you wish to rent a car is the easiest way to do this directly from the airport. It is easiest if you booked a car before so you are able to compare prices and check availability. Listed below are some car dealers Lime Wave can recommend.

» Carjet website
» Costacars website


Taxi cars are on the street on the promenade outside Mango shop, at Estepona harbor, beside bus station Portillo. Taxis can also be ordered by phone 952 80 29 00.


Relatively quiet. As always, please be careful. Keep in bags and do not bring more than you need when you go out.

Estepona market in the Marina, Spain

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