From the pueblo blancos, the white villages, in the mountains to the sun-drenches beaches along Costa Del Sol it’s easy to understand why people keep coming back for more. Spain is a nice treat to your body, soul, mind and taste buds.

Bullfighting is still a popular entertainment among Spaniards. On the walls around the Estepona finds colorful posters that promote the next opportunity and Matador are having a status as the rock star anywhere.

At most of the information about Spain is focused on the southern part of the country, Andalusia. goes to a picturesque small village called Manilva south of Estepona at least once a year.


Visitors from the European union and many other countries do not need a visa.
For all visitors passports must be valid for at least one month from date of entry.


Spain is a big country and the safety conditions vary where you are.
In Madrid and other big cities you should be aware of pickpockets.
SOS alarm phone number: 112
For less alarming matters, call 091 for the police.

Andalucía Sunrise, Spain

Playa Punta Chullera, Manilva Spain

Estepona market in the Marina, Spain

Manilva Village in the spring, Spain

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