Italy is of course filled with history, vivid culture and food to die for. And you never far from the next historic place or town, easily accessible by bus or train.

When to visit Italy

Italy is as most beautiful in the springtime and the autumn. During this period of time the temperatures is comfortable and the cities not to crowded by tourists. During the month of August the Italians have their vacations. Many shops and restaurants might also be closed during this month. From eastern until July and September until October Italy has its high season.

Business hours

Most shops, churches and museum are open between 8 or 9AM until 6 or 8PM. During “riposo” which is between 12.30-1PM until 3 or 4PM its closed.
Shop in touristy areas and bigger stores are more often open during the whole day.


Taxi drivers expect around 10% tip.

It you see “servizio incluso” it means that the service charge is included in the price, but it’s good manner to round off to an even amount.
If service charge not is included you’re expected to add 10%.


Visitors from most countries does not need a visa.


Italy is a fairly safe country.
To call the Police, dial 113.

Vernazza Cinque Terre, Italy

Bergamo, the old parts of town in Città Alta, Italy

Venice – the city on the water, Italy

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