France is really a varied county with stunning alps, the French riviera, beautiful nature along the Atlantic shores and several cities. And with it’s central location of Europe there’s history around every corner and so got never ending options for travelers. And don’t forget about the food and drink culture second to none.

When to visit France

The temperatures may vary a lot in France. The summers are warm and the winters mild or even cold. In the south of France it’s milder and the temperature is often 10 degrees warmer than the north of the country.

Getting to France

There’s several ways getting to France. A lot of land borders to other western european contries such as Germany, Belgium, Spain and Switzerland and Italy. From these you can reach France by car or train.
France is connected to England via a train tunnel, from London to Paris.

There’s several airports connecting France to the rest of the world, the main one beeing Charles de Gaulle International Airport just outside Paris.

Getting around France

It’s easy to catch a taxi on the street. Be aware that you have to pay extra for luggage you put in the trunk of the car.
You find prices on the door of the taxi. The prices might vary depending of the time of day.

Business hours

Banks are open weekdays between 9AM-4PM.
Shops and stores are open between 9.30AM-6.30PM. Some might close a couple of hours around lunchtime.


Tips are usually included in the prices. Feel free to add beyond that if it feels right, most commonly in restaurants is 10%. In the cafes, it suffices to add some gear.
Hotel chambermaids expecting something small contribution.


Nationals of the EU, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Israel do not need visas to visit France for up to three months. Visitors from most other countries must have a visa.


Paris is quite a safe city with many lights on the streets, Although you should be aware of pickpockets and be careful at night time, especially on some of the metro stations.

Phone SOS Ambulance: 15
Phone the police: 17
Phone number to firefighters: 18

New years eve by the Eiffel tower in Paris, France

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