Beautiful beaches under the sun and among ever smiling friendly people, along with delicious food, it is no wonder that so many return again and again to enjoy beautiful Thailand.

There are both major tourist destinations that attracts lots of visitors, but there are also places around Thailand’s long coastline that can offer an authentic experience where relatively few tourists found.

Best time to visit Thailand

Between November and February is the time of year when it rains the least in Thailand. It is also because it is the lowest temperature, but warm and comfortable enough for most visitors. The hottest months are between March and April. The rainy season is between June and October, the latter is when Thailand gets the most rain.

There are differences in weather depending on where in the country you go, southern get slightly different weather than the nothern.

Getting to Thailand

Most international flights arrive to Thailand via Bangkok Airport or Phuket, the latter getting fewer of course.

Getting Around in Thailand

You easily get around short distances with buss or boat, and for longer distances there’s lots of options for airflights. Bangkok Airways and Thailand’s largest airline, Thai Airways offers many domestic flights.


To tip is not customary in Thailand, although one often round up the amount on restaurants.


Swedish, like most countries in Europe as well as Australia, New Zealand and the USA do not need a visa for stays of less than one month. Citizens from other countries, as well as for longer stay, needs to apply for visa at the country’s embassies around the world.

Koh Kham, beautiful island in the northeast gulf of Thailand

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