Vilu Reef

Vilu Reef Beach & Spa Resort was built in 1998 and located on the island Meedhuffushi in Southern Nilandhe atoll. The resort is rated as a 4 – star.

The island is located about 145 kilometers from the airport and the capital. It takes 35 minutes by pontoon plane and 3 hours by boat to get there. The island is 390 meters long beach stretch 927 meters.

Getting around Vilu Reef

Arriving on the island by foot, and you can walk barefoot in most places. The island takes about 30 minutes to walk around.


Vilu Reef is safe! But of course, we recommend that lock on accommodation when going away.

In the evenings there are guards to ensure that no boats dock at the island, it is thus entirely Vilu Reef visitors who may stay here at night.

Honeymoon Water villa, Vilu Reef, Nilandhe atoll

Vilu Reef Beachbungalow, Meedhuffushi Maldives

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