Imagine wonderful paradise islands with white beach under swaying palm trees, turquoise blue waters, colorful fish. It’s easy to get occupied with the wonderful art of doing nothing. But there are also water sports activities for those who get tired of simply hang on the beach and enjoy the wonderful views.

When to visit Maldives

Maldives has a hot and humid climate year round. Average Rating temperature is 29-32 degrees year round.

Getting to Maldives

Several international airlines fly to Malé International Airport.

Probably you should directly take you further away from Male to any of the islands. Maldives is known for taking care of their guests directly from the time you step off the plane. For the most part, there is a representative on hand to take care of you and your luggage to bring you to the seaplane or speedboat for the final leg to your final destination.

Getting around Maldives

From the main island is the pontoon plane or boat that apply to getting out to the islands.

» Trans Maldivian Airways website

Once on the island is on foot in force, and it’s not that hard. Maldives is the world’s lowest country and maximum height is 2.4 meters above sea level.

Business hours

Sunday – Thursdays from 9AM to 5PM. Most places are also open half Saturdays.
Please note that opening hours may change slightly during Ramadan, which falls on the ninth month of the Muslim calendar every year.


Visa is not required. When arriving to the Maldives most visitors receive permission to stay for 30 days which is stamped in the passport.


Maldives is a very safe place to travel.
But as always, keep in mind that other tourists as well as locals might see that you are a tourist and most likely have money or other valuables around your accommodation.

Honeymoon Water villa, Vilu Reef, Nilandhe atoll

Maldive atolls from above – Malé to Vilu Reef

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