The capital of China is still marked by the country’s eventful history with the small hutongs, the Forbidden City and the Great Wall of China just outside. Nowhere else is Chinese culture as evident.

When to visit Beijing

Best time purely climatically to visit Beijing is September to October when it is dry and pleasant climate. Spring is also nice time to visit, but may be slightly more cloudy period. Winter can be cold but give the city a beautiful look about it, a layer of snow. Summer is hot and humid.

The time around the Chinese New Year peak season and many hotels are fully booked. Date of this festival then shifts to the Chinese calendar is based on lunar orbit. In 2008, it falls on February 7, but expect to much is tickets available in both two weeks before and after this date.

Getting around Beijing


Beijing subway is open between 05:00 and 22:30 and are a quick and easy way to get around. Metro stations rebranded with a D for Ditie.


Taxi is a cheap and easy way to get around town. Make sure to take an official taxi (number plate starting with B) and runs on a meter.


Generally, the higher security in Beijing than in other big cities. But crime is increasing and common sense applies as always. Be extra careful in crowds.

Historical sites in Beijing, China

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