The huge country in the east has the highest number of population in the world. This is obvious in their big cities but rarely on the countryside. There are lots of exciting experiences to be had wherever one go!

Getting to China

The most common destinations for international entries is Beijing and Shanghai. It’s possible to enter China via Hong Kong, even if they have other immigration rules.

China differs a lot from other countries, and travelers should be aware that the knowledge of English is pretty bad. Even if you are experienced traveler, it may be nice to have a reasonably complete itinerary and some things arranged in advance. Even if you do not travel in groups may help to arrange all or part of his tour of China.

Business hours

Chinese shops are open all week and. opening hours are usually 9:00 to 6:00 p.m. but this can vary. Stores may be open a little later.


Required for each instance of the entry. If you go to Beijing first, visiting Hong Kong (which is independent) and then go to Shanghai you need two instances.

The Great Wall of China on a perfect day

Amazing Scenery in Yangshuo, China

Giant Panda in Chengdu, China

Historical sites in Beijing, China

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